Spider-Man Homecoming Easter Eggs, Secret Cameos & Post-Credit Scenes Explained

After watching Spider-Man: Homecoming this week in glorious IMAX, I can confirm the movie is the Spidey reboot fans have been waiting for and it’s positively crawling with easter eggs and connections to the web-slinger’s previous appearances on the big and small screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus references from over 50 years of Spider-Man history in the comics.

In fact, there are so many easter eggs in Tom Holland’s first Spider-Man solo movie that, in the video below, I’m going to focus on the toughest-to-spot and best easter eggs and references you might have missed, and I’ll also be explaining the movie’s two post-credits scenes and some secret cameos!

Plus, I’ve also got some very cool Funko Pops and a pack of Spider-Man: Homecoming merchandise to give away – details in the video!