Soulmate Interviews at FrightFest

Flicks and The City caught up with Axelle Carolyn at FrightFest’s All Nighter to discuss her debut feature film, Soulmate, and Axelle tolds us about the challenges of directing a horror, working on a budget and focusing on psychological suspense. Her husband and Game Of Thrones director Neil Marshall, shared his experience as a producer on the film, and actors Anna Walton and Tanya Myers spoke about working with Axelle and the eerie location of Soulmate’s setting.

Aside from it’s classical ghost tale themes, Soulmate is a unique exploration of how we deal with grief. The story follows Audrey (Anna Walton), a woman who takes it upon herself to retreat to a remote cottage after a failed suicide attempt in a desperate act to end her agony after losing her husband. She soon discovers the house is haunted by its previous owner, but chooses to remain in the hope of finding comfort from her encounters with the spirit.

Check out the interviews below!