Sinister with C Robert Cargill

From film critic for Ain’t It Cool News to novelist and moviemaker, C Robert Cargill (aka Massawyrm) is living the writer’s dream.

His first feature film in the screenwriter’s seat, Sinister, opens in UK cinemas on 5 October; and Dreams and Shadows, his debut novel, is out in January 2013.

A chilling and stylish supernatural horror flick, Sinister stars Ethan Hawke as a true-crime writer who’s so obsessed with solving the gruesome murder of a family that he moves his own wife and kids into the house where it happened.

I caught up with Cargill at FrightFest to talk all things sinister.

Check out the video for Cargill’s views on Hollywood myths, the state of horror movies, how far he’d go for a story, his own real-life horror movie experience, and how a trip to Las Vegas led to him to make Sinister with writer-director Scott Derrickson.