LUV with Sheldon Candis

Filmmaker Sheldon Candis is living proof of the saying that, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

After two of his short films were turned down by the Sundance Film Festival in previous years, Sheldon hit the Sundance jackpot this year with his debut feature, LUV.

Set in Baltimore, the film takes place over one day as ex-con Vince (rapper Common) tries to go straight and deliver a few life lessons to his adoring 11-year-old nephew, Woody (Michael Rainey Jr).

Watch my video interview with Sheldon where we chat about everything from finding his young lead at the 11th hour and getting that all important call from Sundance, to working with Common and Dennis Haysbert, and checking out artist Damien Hirst and shopping at Top Shop in London!