Diaz and Segel in Sex TapeWhat’s it about? Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star as Jay and Annie, a married couple who decide to – you guessed it – make a Sex Tape to spice things up.  When it accidentally syncs to iPads that they’ve given away to friends, colleagues and the mailman, they race to get them back and delete the video.

Verdict: The coincidental timing of the release, at a time when iCloud security and leaked images are all over the press, threatens to give this film some relevance, but it’s a film that already feels dated. About a tired married couple, it’s the film itself that is tired and lacking in energy and fun.

Originally stated to have Nicholas Stoller in the directing chair (he’s credited as a writer), it’s easy to see why he might have pulled out of making this. Sex Tape has none of the charm or humour present in previous Segel/Stoller collaborations Forgetting Sarah Marshall or The Muppets.  Instead it’s directed by Jake Kasdan, previously responsible for Walk Hard and Bad Teacher – which also starred these two leads.

Segel and Diaz had some okay chemistry in Bad Teacher, but here it seems like they know they’re making a movie that isn’t very Cameron Diaz in Sex Tapegood and Segel looks like a ghost of his former self.

Their friends Robby and Tess, played by Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper, come the closest to getting a few laughs, but are under used. When the funniest part of the film is the fact Segel and Diaz think they can still play at being college students at the beginning of the movie, you know you’re in trouble. It really fails to muster much more than the occasional smile and feels overlong at just 94 minutes.

Sometime Sex Tape really feels like a long Apple advert.  Apple products are not only displayed prominently but mentioned throughout, including Macs, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and Siri; there’s even mentions of how good and indestructible the cameras are.

There’s none of the more risqué or embarrassing humour that could have made the movie a lot funnier. Yes, they may both show their bums, but the Segel and Diaz take themselves a little too seriously to really send themselves up. Too much of the humour is predictable or unoriginal, including a dog fighting scene taken straight out of (and done more successfully in) There’s Something About Mary, released 16 years ago.

Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper in Sex TapeAside from not being funny, it doesn’t really add up at times. Jay, in particular, is very au fait with technology, yet doesn’t know he can delete the video remotely (which would have saved them from making this movie in the first place). Quite why he gives an iPad to the mailman is never adequately explained either. These are minor quibbles compared to the real issues of the film, but when the plot is so flawed it really begs the question why it got made in the first place.

If you’ve seen the trailer you’ll already know the whole plot, including scenes from the very end, so it really isn’t worth watching.

Final Thoughts With a tagline ‘a movie about the movie they don’t want you to see’, in reality it is more just a case of ‘a movie you shouldn’t see’.

Sex Tape is released in the UK on Wednesday 3rd September.