The Seasoning House at FrightFest

Love your horror movies? Then you’ll definitely know the work of Paul Hyett, whose brilliant special make-up effects appear in films including The Woman in Black, Eden Lake, and The Descent.

Now Paul has turned to directing with his first feature The Seasoning House, which opened this year’s FrightFest at Leicester Square’s Empire cinema.

A psychological horror, the film follows a deaf-mute orphan called Angel (Rosie Day) who’s forced to care for girls who’ve been kidnapped by soldiers in war-torn zones and sold into prostitution.

Though enslaved at the titular Balkan brothel, Angel manages to move between the walls and crawlspaces and soon has plans to escape her captors.

I spoke to the film’s cast and director at its FrightFest premiere. Check out the videos to see what they say…

Rosie Day talks about learning sign language, watching her first horror movies, and being thrown into a pit of dead bodies and maggots for her feature film debut:

Writer-director Paul Hyett talks about what he’s learned from 20 years working on movie sets, and actor Sean Pertwee chats about the many times Paul’s killed him on the big screen:

Actress Anna Walton talks about dealing sensitively with difficult subjects, throwing herself into roles, and why she loves sci-fi and horror:

Actress Jemma Powell talks about preparing for fight scenes, lying in a pool of blood, and her new movie Closed with Eric Bana:

Actor Kevin Howarth, who plays Angel’s captor, talks about researching his role, the power of stillness, and performing a part that was written especially for him:

FrightFest runs from 23 to 27 August. For more details, click here.