Blood with Paul Bettany & Nick Murphy

Based on the BBC TV drama Conviction, director Nick Murphy’s latest film Blood follows two policemen brothers, played by Stephen Graham and Paul Bettany, who kill the suspected murderer of a 12-year-old girl and end up having to investigate their own crime.

I caught up with Nick and the film’s lead, Paul Bettany, to find out about the making of the film. Check out the videos below to see what they had to say…

BLOOD will be released in cinemas and on video on demand on 31 May, and on DVD & Blu-ray on 10 June.

Paul Bettany talks about developing the brotherly bond at the heart of Blood, working with on-screen father Brian Cox, and why he’s hardly watched any of his movies including Iron Man:

Director Nick Murphy chats about dealing with sensitive and emotive issues in Blood and working with Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham: