Oscar Isaac on Star Wars Episode 7

Earlier this month director JJ Abrams confirmed Oscar Isaac as one of the names set to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII, and the actor has spoken out about what being cast in the iconic franchise means to him.

Speaking at a press conference for upcoming thriller The Two Faces of January, the Inside Llewyn Davis star revealed that being given the role was a big deal for both himself and his family:

“I start shooting at the end of the month and I am incredibly excited, my whole family are big Star Wars fans,” Isaac shared. “All of  my uncles and cousins collect the coins and everything and they had the biggest nerdgasm when I was cast in the movie; I truly believe that nothing else I ever say to them will top this.”

It’s safe to say that it’s not just Oscar Isaac’s family who are excited by his casting as we are definitely looking forward to seeing him in Abrams’ take on the epic space saga!

But don’t wait until Star Wars’ 2015 release to see Oscar Isaac on the big screen, you can catch him in The Two Faces of January, which is out this Friday 16 May.