Dylan Bruce Talks Clones & The Future Of Orphan Black

Orphan Black’s Dylan Bruce, who stars as Paul Dierden on the hit sci-fi show about clones, was in London this weekend to meet fans at MCM Comic Con, so Flicks And The City grabbed a chat with him about all things Orphan Black!

Check out our video to see what Dylan has to say about being part of the Orphan Black world, working with Orphan Black co-star Tatiana Maslany, how he’d like to see his character develop in the future, what kind of clones he’d like to see in future seasons, how he’d like to see his character’s relationship with Sarah develop, how different he is from his character in real life, his favourite Orphan Black characters and episodes, and shooting the pilot for TV show Matador with director Robert Rodriguez.

Check out our video to see what Dylan says about grounding Orphan Black in reality, the moral ambiguity and darkness of his character, being named E! Online’s Best Ass on Primetime, why he’d love Tom Hardy to be in Orphan Black, his favourite sci-fi film, and who he’d like to clone from the past.

Camera by Emilie Rosson.