Net Flicks – The Dark Knight Rises… The Movie Mash-up Reaches its Epic Conclusion

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Warning: the following post was written after being driven to the edge of sanity by repeatedly listening to The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Let’s hope it was worth it… deep breath

My quest for mash-ups of The Dark Knight Rises trailer has already taken me on a journey through the land of Lego, South Park, Disney’s The Lion King, and cats and dogs.

You can see how the saga begins here.

But right now, it’s time for the epic conclusion of this two-part post on TDKR movie mash-ups.

Can you feel the fear? Be afraid. Be very afraid as Batman becomes Batmare, aka Rainbow Dash.

Yes, My Little Pony meets the Caped Crusader in The Rainbow Knight Rises.

Too many brilliant bits to mention. So, let’s just say, cloverfieldmoster, you’re the man! (or maybe the woman… you don’t say on your YouTube channel.)

Oh, and make sure you stick round for the end – you will not be disappointed.

Next, the Batman goes where no Batman has gone before… Bikini Bottom.

Yes, he’s back. And this time he looks like… Spongebob Squarepants?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Yellow Knight Rises, thanks to the editing of DVman1000:

Other Yellow Knights are available. So, take a look at Daniel Johnson’s spongebobery, The Talking Cheese Rises, if you can hold back the tears:

And for a bit of nostalgia, check out The Yellow Knight before he started his ascent.

Now, repeat after me, in your best trailer dude voice: Squidward is The Joker.

Thanks for the memories, cubsflan:

Proving that once Batman starts rising he just can’t stop, cloverfield47 sends the Caped one where no one can hear him scream.

Kudos for a great mash-up and another awesome end shot in The Dark WALL-E Rises:

02151407021523 brings The Dark Knight crashing back down to earth and sends him hurtling back in time… to 2010.

Ok, so the B-man’s not exactly doing a Bill and Ted here, but this mash-up does answer the crucial question on every Batfan’s lips: what if the Caped Crusader were a toy?

Of course, he couldn’t just be any toy.

He’d have to be something all the cool kids wanted… like a space ranger action figure with a retractable helmet and a big red button to activate his flight system.

If only such a thing existed. sigh

Hold on a minute, now that I think about it, that description does ring a bell…

Oh, yeah, it’s time to go crazy… give it up because Buzz Lightyear is in the building as Toy Story 3 gets a Bat-tastic mash-up:

The Dark Knight movie mash-up legend ends.

You experienced it, summer 2012.

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