Masters of Sex Season 1 DVD Review

Currently airing its second season, Masters Of Sex has come to home release with a wave of critical acclaim behind it. It’s no surprise with such exceptional leading talent – Michael Sheen of theatre and cinema fame appears alongside Lizzy Caplan, known for many TV comedies as well as big screen outings. TV is no stranger to period pieces – Mad Men being the obvious success story in recent years – and Masters Of Sex takes a similar approach, set in the 50s and 60s, during an intriguing time for exploration into human sexuality.

What’s It About? Based on Thomas Maier‘s biography Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love, the series focuses on research at Washington University. That being said, both Masters (Sheen) and Johnson (Caplan) have to work outside the university itself due to the controversial subject matter being rejected. As time goes on, the research gets more complex as does the working relationship between Dr. Masters and his assistant.

Masters Of Sex manages to cover all aspects of sexual relationship from prostitution to homosexuality, sex toys to virgins and marriage, Masters is focused on getting as large a range of subjects as possible for his studies. The complex relationships and characters involved make for both a teasing and painful show to watch, something that could easily be shallow considering the subject matter. Nevertheless the show feels fresh, unique and challenging, something that many other TV series struggle with, but Masters Of Sex does it expertly and with a stellar cast capable of pulling off the subject matter.

Verdict: Masters Of Sex has been nominated for numerous awards and for good reason. You couldn’t ask for better actors to get behind the complicated and controversial ideas presented on screen. Sheen shines as he seems to do in every role, while Caplan steps outside her comfort zone and delivers far beyond anything she has done before. It’s a show with smarts and visually stunning, truly transporting the viewer to a period gone by – one where these ideas were far too risque and hidden away. There’s something mesmerising about the exploration and intrigue surrounding the ideas of Dr. Masters, a man of bold and brave decisions but also faults in his own personal life.

Final Words: There’s no doubt that sex is still a taboo in some ways these days, and it’s difficult to present it in movies and television in the correct way, especially when it’s the central idea of a show like Masters Of Sex. However with the direction and acting as good as it is, the show is a must-watch. It’s in equal parts uncomfortable, exhilarating and funny. The twelve episodes in this first season fly by, and you’ll want to go straight onto the next season.

Masters of Sex is out now on DVD.