Maisie Williams Talks The Falling & Game Of Thrones Season 5

We all know and love Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, but the 17-year-old actress has also got a number of big-screen movies under her belt, and from Friday 24 April, you’ll be able to catch her first lead role in a feature film!

The film in question, The Falling, is directed by Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life) and is set in 1969 at an English boarding school for girls.

Lydia (Maisie Williams) and Abbie (newcomer Florence Pugh) are best friends. But Lydia’s world starts to unravel when her brother and Abbie have a one-night stand, and a mysterious fainting epidemic hits their school.

Check out our video to see Maisie tell us all about leading her first movie, working with the cast, in particular her co-star Florence Pugh, performing her own stunts, fainting rehearsals, and singing on set.

Maisie also chats to us about upcoming movies including The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, why she’s so keen on independent film projects, The Last of Us, why she’d love to be part of the Star Wars world and wield a lightsaber, and she reveals how she’s been approached for a new superhero series featuring a new character in the vein of Kick-Ass.

As for Game of Thrones, Maisie talks about how Season 5 will be very strong for Arya Stark and how she’s fascinated by the scripts this year. We also ask about the return of Jaqen H’ghar and Gendry, and she gives us her reaction to watching Oberyn Martell vs The Mountain and tells us whether she’d like to share Bran’s warging abilities.

The Falling is in UK cinemas on 24 April 2015.