Logan Lerman Interview: ‘Fury’ was the most challenging role of my life

I met Noah star Logan Lerman at the Bovington Tank Museum where his was promoting his latest film Fury. The young actor talked about his vigorous boot camp training and the lack of good roles available for his acting age.

Q: What was it like working with Brad Pitt?

A: It was great. As a person he is extremely generous. Brad gives a lot. He is dedicated to the process. He was as deep in the mud as we were.

Q: Apparently David Ayer, the director, took you to the boot camp ahead of filming. What was it like?

A: The whole thing was extreme. I’d say the sleep deprivation was not easy to manage. We would get like one or two hours per day. Then getting up and doing all the physical work. Once they made me do it with the backpack with a lot of weight and man! It was really tough. I’ve never been that guy who is in great shape. I wasn’t the last guy though, but it was still embarrassing to be the weakest one on the film set.

Q: During that boot camp, did you have fights between you and other cast members?

A: I regretfully said things to people whom I really respect. We challenged each other and took this opportunity to really explore different ways of working. We definitely pushed the limits and things got a little personal. Luckily we knew each other well enough that it didn’t get that personal.

Was Fury the most challenging job you’ve ever done?

A: Definitely. That was some really fucked up shit. I took some time off after doing this film. Started reading again. There hasn’t been anything genuine or new for someone my age. I’m in no rush, just trying to pick roles which I really like.

Q: What tips did you learn from Brad Pitt?

A: Many things. One of which was validation and carefully choosing filmmakers to work with, which you can guess by looking on his list.

Q: Brad Pitt said he happened to become a natural leader of the group outside of the film set too. Would you agree with him?

A: The thing was, that there was a bit of a distance between him and I, and we kept that distance. The leader of the group who set the tone, I’d say that was Shia. He’s got that personality. He is the guy people look to take control of situation.

Q: Is it true that at some point Shia LaBeouf pulled out his own tooth, or was it just speculation?

A: No he actually did that! I mean, he didn’t do it himself, he went to a dentist who pulled out his tooth. There were many weird stories. We were in prep, rehearsal stages, trying on makeup, level of dirts, doing screen tests, putting some cuts on. Shia looked at it and said: this doesn’t look real. Then he went off to the corridor and I followed him. Then he goes: – Wanna see something fun? Check this out! Then he takes a razor and cuts his face. Throughout the whole movie he maintained that, re-opening those cuts.

Q: Did you not freak out when he did that?

A: No I fucking loved it! He sets the bar high. Everybody is racing to compete with him, his level of commitment. Even when he did not have to perform, he did it. You know in wide angle shots, when you don’t even have to be there. He was doing all of them, every day for every shot.

Q: Can you operate a tank now?

A: Oh yeah. I mean not as a main driver, but I can do my position. I was the driver’s assistant, I was his bitch. What he wants me to do, he snaps his fingers and I do it.

Q: Have you learned anything new about the Second World War?

A: I wasn’t very educated on that subject to begin with and I learned so much. I didn’t know about many events which happened during the Second world war in Europe and especially in Africa.

Q: Why did you say yes to ‘Fury’ in the first place?

A: The script was so great, I’ve been chasing the dragon so to speak, since reading it. The was really the first time I got that feeling since reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower script.

Q: Having done quite a few great titles, what advice would you give to new actors wanting to succeed in the industry?

A: I would say trust your instincts. A lot of people don’t, they do what they think you want them to do. but trusting your personal taste is important.

Q: Do you often get forced to consider scripts you don’t particularly like?

A: There is a lot of crap for people my age. As you get older you get more of diversity.

Q: Do you get offered many rom coms?

A: This year hasn’t been many of them. But I feel like I’m more of a drama guy and I will try to stick to that genre for the time being.

Fury is in cinemas now.