Sundance: Little Accidents with Boyd Holbrook, Chris Columbus, Jacob Lofland & more

Set in a small coal-mining town in America, Little Accidents tells the story of life in the aftermath of a mining disaster and the very different people it brings together.

Flicks And The City caught up with the stars, writer-director, and producers of the film at its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Check out our videos to see what they had to say…

Boyd Holbrook chats about what appealed to him about his character in Little Accidents, researching his role in the film, working with his co-stars Jacob Lofland and Elizabeth Banks, his next movies including David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Terrence Malick’s new film, and what it was like working with Fincher and Malick:

Jacob Lofland tells us about his role in Little Accidents, how he became involved in the movie, meeting writer-director Sara for the first time, working with co-stars including Elizabeth Banks and Boyd Holbrook, how it compared to making Mud with Matthew McConaughey, his latest role in the US TV show Justified, and why he’d love to make a comedy next:

Sara Colangelo chats to us about developing her short film Little Accidents into a feature film, how she found the leap from short film to feature film, how Chris and Eleanor Columbus came on board as producers of the film, working with Boyd Holbrook and the knowledge he brought of living in a coal-mining town to the project, working with young star Jacob Lofland, how she’s found this year’s Sundance compared to when she was at the festival with her short film, and what we can look forward to from her next:

Chris Columbus & his daughter Eleanor Columbus talk about forming Maiden Voyage Films to help first-time feature directors, what attracted them to Little Accidents, bringing together such a great cast, how Boyd Holbrook is potentially the next Brad Pitt, their next film project Mediterranea, Chris’s next big-budget special effects movie Pixels which he’s shooting in June 2014 and which will be released in July 2015, how Pixels will unlike anything you’ve seen before, how it feels to be back behind the camera directing again, and why he thought he wouldn’t make a big-budget movie for a while:

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