Lance Reddick talks The Wire, Fringe and Playing Action Man

Flicks And The City caught up with actor Lance Reddick to discuss what it was like working on one of the greatest TV shows ever made – The Wire.

Lance talks about what the audition process was like and what roles he originally auditioned for. He talks about his memories of that first day on set. Why spending a day on a ride around with a real Police Lieutenant was very illuminating for him, what he felt about the progression of Cedric Daniels and also why he was shocked to learn of his sexy status with females. Lance also talks about why he feels the show missed out on awards time and again.


We slightly digressed from The Wire and asked Lance about being on Fringe, Lost & working with J.J. Abrams, also his comedic roles and how he has been practising for these action man roles since he was four years old. Lance explains where his love of music came from and also why he decided to release his album “Contemplations and Remembrances”.

The last word is reserved for his abiding memories of working on The Wire.

The Wire: The Complete Collection is released on Blu-ray on 1 June for the first time ever courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment.