Justin And The Knights Of Valour UK Premiere

Friday 13th might be unlucky for some, but not for animation fans who are in for a treat with the release of Justin And The Knights Of Valour today

The film tells the story of young Justin as he embarks on a journey to become one of the much admired and respected Knights of Valour, following in his grandfather’s footsteps. As with any fairytale, there are love interests, challenges and various obstacles Justin must face on his quest. And you can expect excitement, humour and adventure – all in 3D!

Flicks And The City met some of the film’s impressive voice cast at its UK premiere. Watch our video and find out what attracted Saoirse Ronan to the film, who Olivia Williams was looking forward to working with again, what Antonio Banderas says about his acting and producing roles, why Tamsin Egerton loves animation, and how composer Ilan Eshkeri found working on the film.

And forget superstitions this Friday 13th; make a journey to the cinema to witness the excitement for yourself!

Camera by Bradley Stearn

Check out our full interviews with Saoirse Ronan and Tamsin Egerton, and also premiere guest Eddie Marsan on his new film Filth.

Justin And The Knights Of Valour is in UK cinemas on 13 September.