Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton & Harry Treadaway talk Penny Dreadful, Bond & Toy Story Shorts

Flicks And The City spoke to the stars of new Sky Atlantic series Penny Dreadful at the show’s London premiere this week.

Penny Dreadful, which debuts on Sky Atlantic on 20 May, takes gothic horror and gives it a fresh twist thanks to the team behind the hugely successful Bond movie Skyfall.

Created, written and produced by three-time Oscar-nominated writer John Logan and Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, Penny Dreadful mixes some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters – including Dr Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula – with fantastic new characters, weaving them all into deliciously macabre stories set in Victorian London.

We spoke to the stars of the series, including Josh Hartnett (30 Days Of Night), former Bond Timothy Dalton, and Harry Treadaway (The Lone Ranger), to find out more about Penny Dreadful.

Check out our video to see Josh Hartnett talk about bringing classic literary characters to life, playing American sharpshooter Ethan, what he enjoys about the horror and supernatural genres, the parallels between Victorian England and modern life, why our perception of Victorian life may be wrong, why he’d like to play a character from Irvine Welsh’s novels, and whether he’d like to star in a future Bond movie:

Take a look at our video to see Harry Treadaway chat about playing the role of Dr Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful, how screenwriter John Logan has breathed fresh life into classic characters, how realistic his dissection scenes were on set, learning from Cambridge professors about Victorian science and ethics, why the penny dreadful was the social media of the Victorian era, what it was like working with the Penny Dreadful cast, and what role he’d like to play in a future Bond movie:

Check out our video to see Timothy Dalton talk about the attraction of Penny Dreadful, why he’s still scared by failure in real life, the amazingly realistic work of the dead bodies on Penny Dreadful, how the show’s interested in the space between life and death, how likely we are to see a season 2 of Penny Dreadful, how the show progresses from week to week, and why he loves to play the voice of Mr Pricklepants in the Toy Story movies and shorts:

Penny Dreadful starts on Sky Atlantic on Tuesday 20 May.