Johnny Yong Bosch on the Power Rangers Movie – “Just don’t cast Justin Bieber”

We caught up with Power Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch to hear his take on the recently announced Power Rangers reboot.

Yong Bosch played the Black Ranger Adam Park from 1994 to 1997, and has returned to the role on a couple of occasions, talked about why Power Rangers was/is so successful, and what he expects from the reboot movie.

He said of Power Rangers when it was launched “back then it was really huge, and there was nothing like it”.

Of the planned new film, which is being produced by Lionsgate, home of the Divergent and Hunger Games franchises, he said, “Power Rangers has always been a kids show, but people still watch it at all ages. I can’t imagine Saban would do anything they can’t sell toys off of”.

On what he’d do, he said, “are they going to make it for kids? are they going to make it for the audience that grew up with it? In my mind I think they would use Mighty Morphin’ because that was the first one, and they would probably do it for kids”.

He would love to return in some form, be it a cameo or something quite different, “I would love to be a floating head. I would love to be Zordon”.

Fans are already adding their casting picks into the mix, but Yong Bosch didn’t have anyone specifically in mind to appear, “I’d like to see an Asian kid in there… Just not Justin Bieber”.

Post-Power Rangers, Yong Bosch has had a very successful career in voice acting, appearing in a wide range of anime and video games, including Persona 4, Street Fighter IV, Bleach and Naruto: Shippuden.

Power Rangers is due out in 2016.