In Fear with Alice Englert, Allen Leech & Jeremy Lovering

Flicks And The City got properly creeped out today at FrightFest watching the nail-bitingly tense psychological horror In Fear (in UK cinemas on 8 Nov).

Starring Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures), Iain De Caestecker (Agents of SHIELD) and Allen Leech (Downton Abbey), the film follows a young couple as they try to find the remote rural hotel De Caestecker has booked as a surprise on their way to a music festival. But what starts out as a normal car journey soon takes a more worrying turn as the pair get lost in a maze of country lanes and start to wonder whether there’s something more sinister going on…

Flicks And The City caught up with stars Alice and Allen and director Jeremy Lovering, who makes his big-screen debut with In Fear, at FrightFest today.

Check out the video to see Alice and Allen talk about why filming In Fear was a genuinely scary experience for them both, how director Jeremy drip-fed them information on their roles during the shoot but didn’t give them a full script, how Alice mistook Allen for a stunt guy, what it was like working with director Jeremy and whether Allen would trust him with his wallet!

Allen also tells us about playing Downton Abbey’s Tom Branson, how he’s enjoying the leap in time on series 4, whether he’s as much of a rebel as Tom, and how much he’s looking forward to working with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley on new movie The Imitation Game about enigma code-breaker Alan Turing.

Plus, Alice chats to us about shooting her new 4-part Channel 4 series, New Worlds, with Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie.

Watch the video to see director Jeremy talk about how he made his actors genuinely scared during the filming of In Fear by not telling them what would happen and playing tricks on them, the real-life inspiration behind the film, how making In Fear compared to his experience directing TV productions, filming fake scenes for Sherlock series 3 due to the glare of publicity, how filming Sherlock compared to making In Fear, what pressures directing a show like Sherlock brings, and what it’s like working with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

In Fear is in UK cinemas on 8 November.

Interviewer: Jan Gilbert

Camera & Editor: Ed Yoxall