David Bradley on Walder Frey & Red Wedding Carnage

At Collectormania in Milton Keynes, Flicks And The City had a great chat with the lovely actor David Bradley about his rather dastardly Game of Thrones character, Walder Frey.

Check out our video to see David talk about what he thought when he got the Red Wedding script, why Walder Frey is so much fun to play, filming the RW scene with director David Nutter, fan reactions to Walder Frey, his own Red Wedding reaction, whether we can expect to see Walder Frey again, what he thinks is left for the Starks, Frey’s RW clean-up, how he filmed his 4-page speech introducing Frey’s daughters 70 times, Coldplay’s drummer Will Champion being an extra in the RW scene, what you need to survive in GoT and whether Walder Frey has what it takes, how he’d like to die on GoT, and his message to GoT fans offering his Wedding Planner services!

(For our interview with David about playing actor William Hartnell, Doctor Who’s 1st Doctor, in An Adventure In Space And Time, click here.)