Game of Thrones “The Mountain And The Viper” Review – S4 Ep8 – Pun of Thrones

Win a fab “Hodor” T-shirt by Qwertee, there’s mind-blowing headaches, squished beetles, Moat Cailin cons, and steamy times in Meereen, all on our Game of Thrones show, Pun of Thrones!

Check out our video to find out how to win the cool T-shirt I wear in the show from our friends at Qwertee, and to see me chat about the best bits of Season 4 Episode 8: The Mountain And The Viper, including who wins Insane of ThronesPain of Thrones, Dame of Thrones, and Game of Bones this week.

Find out my reaction to Tyrion’s trial by combat, Oberyn vs The Mountain, The Red Viper’s fatal words, the meaning of the story of Tyrion’s cousin Orson relentlessly crushing beetles, Reek pretending to be Theon so Ramsay Snow could capture Moat Cailin for his father Lord Roose Bolton, why the family that flays together stays together, Grey Worm having the hots for Missandei, Gilly and Ygritte at the Mole’s Town brothel, how on earth the Night’s Watch will beat the Wildling army, Arya and The Hound finally arriving at the Eyrie, Sansa’s transformation and Littlefinger’s tribunal before the Lords and Ladies of the Vale, and Daenerys casting out Jorah Mormont.