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It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Game of Thrones fan favourite Miltos Yerolemou, who played sword-master supreme Syrio Forel in the show.

So, Flicks And The City were delighted when we discovered he was at London Film And Comic Con Winter.

Cue a very interesting chat with Miltos about all things Game Of Thrones and A Song Of Ice And Fire. Plus, a little something on Star Wars Episode VII!

Check out our video to see Miltos chat about why he enjoys meeting fans, what he thought about how Arya Stark left The Hound at the end of Season 4, whether he thinks The Hound is gone for good, the cultural phenomenon of Game Of Thrones, whether we’ll see Syrio Forel again, what he thinks about rumours of Jaqen H’ghar’s return in Season 5, his reaction to the trial by combat between The Mountain and the Viper, which actors he’d love to see in Game Of Thrones, how Game Of Thrones and the A Song Of Ice And Fire series will change the publishing world, and how he thinks George RR Martin will end the ASOIAF series.

Miltos also tells us how much he’s enjoying being part of Star Wars Episode VII, why Star Wars is in safe hands with JJ Abrams, and how much he’d love to wield a lightsaber!

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