Daniel Portman on Brienne, Bronn & Podrick “TriPod” Payne

For our final Game of Thrones interview before Christmas, Flicks And The City is delighted to welcome back Daniel Portman who plays Podrick Payne, squire to Tyrion Lannister, and this time we chat to him on the Iron Throne!

Since we last spoke to Dan, Podrick’s gained a reputation as something of a super-stud.

Check out our video to see Daniel talk about Podrick’s reputation as a ladies man and his “TriPod” nickname, working with Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) and Jerome Flynn (Bronn) in season 3, his Red Wedding reaction, why Pod’s much smarter than Cersei thinks, why he thinks Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) deserves to be on the Iron Throne, what his advice for Pod is for season 4, why he was spotted with Brienne during season 4 filming in Iceland, why Viserys’ death and Rodrik Cassel’s execution are some of the best death scenes on TV, and why Bronn would be great on a Game of Thrones reality TV show: