Luke Barnes on Killing Mormont & Rast vs Jaime Lannister

With so much murder and mayhem in the final two episodes of season 3’s Game of Thrones, you’d be forgiven if the death of Night’s Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont (James Cosmo) had drifted from your memory.

The Old Bear may have gone to the great Wall in the sky, but the man who cut him down – Night’s Watch ranger, Rast – is still on the loose and gunning for fellow Watch man Samwell Tarly.

We caught up with Luke Barnes, who plays Rast, at Collectormania in Milton Keynes to find out what it’s like playing the man who murdered Mormont.

Check out the video to see Luke talk about killing Lord Mormont at Craster’s Keep; getting face-to-face with Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost in season 1; season 4 speculation; Rast’s, erm, dislike of Samwell Tarly; whether Rast could beat Jaime Lannister in a fight; and what it’s like filming in Iceland:

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