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There were Game of Thrones guests galore at last weekend’s biggest signing event in Europe, London Film And Comic Con.

And Flicks And The City spoke to a whole bunch of them, so make sure you keep your eyes open for all our new GoT videos coming soon!

Our first Game of Thrones interviewee is Will Tudor, who plays Olyvar, Littelfinger’s spy and brothel-keeper since Joffrey dispatched Ros with a crossbow.

As well as sharing scenes with Loras Tyrell actor Finn Jones in Season 3, Will also worked with fan favourite Pedro Martell (Oberyn Martell) in Season 4.

Check out our video to see Will chat about meeting fans and hanging out with the GoT cast at London Film And Comic Con; what it was like working with Pedro Pascal, Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) and Finn Jones; filming the brothel scenes; his reaction when he saw The Mountain vs The Viper face-off and Oberyn Martell being killed by Gregor Clegane; his Purple Wedding reaction; his reaction to the death of Charles Dance’s character Tywin Lannister; what qualities you need to stay alive in Game of Thrones and whether Olyvar has what it takes; what he thinks Littlefinger is up to; and what he’d like to see happen for Olyvar in Season 5.

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