Game of Thrones “Oathkeeper” Review – S4 Ep4 – Pun of Thrones

Win a free “Obey Khaleesi” T-shirt, there’s creepy times at Craster’s Keep, and Joffrey’s murder mystery is solved, this week on our Game of Thrones show, Pun of Thrones!

Check out our video below to find out how to win the fab Game of Thrones T-shirt I wear in the video from our friends at Qwertee and to see me chat about the best bits of Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper, including who wins Insane of Thrones, Pain of Thrones, Dame of Thrones, Game of Drones, and Wise Words Of The Week.

Find out my take on the White Walkers’ first appearance in season 4, Karl’s tyrannical rule at Craster’s Keep, the capture of Team Bran, Missandei teaching Grey Worm to speak the common tongue, Grey Worm’s speech to the slaves of Meereen, Barristan Selmy’s advice to Daenerys to show mercy to the Meereenese slavers and Dany’s decision to ignore that and punish the Masters by crucifying them, Sansa’s questioning of Littlefinger’s motives, Margaery and Olenna Tyrell’s scenes, Cersei and Jamie’s discussions to track down Sansa Stark, Jaime giving Brienne his sword which she names Oathkeeper, Brienne teaming up with Podrick Payne, Bronn fighting Jaime, Ser Aliser Thorne’s confrontation with Jon Snow, Janos Slynt’s suggestion to send Jon Snow to deal with the mutineers at Craster’s Keep, and Locke’s introduction to Jon Snow.

Our brilliant Game of Thrones-inspired music is by composer Blair Mowat, & our fab motion graphics are by Robert Dolby.