Game of Thrones “Mockingbird” Review – S4 Ep7 – Pun of Thrones

Win a fab “You Sir, Are A Cad And A Bounder” T-shirt by Genki Gear, there’s The Pie That Was Promised, Moon Door landings, and spoiled brat bitch-slaps, all on our Game of Thrones show, Pun of Thrones!

Check out our video to find out how to win the cool T-shirt I wear in the show from our friends at Genki Gear and to see me chat about the best bits of Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird, including who wins Insane of ThronesPain of Thrones, Game of Drones, and Game of Bones this week.

Find out my take on Littlefinger, Lysa Arryn and Sansa Stark, Bronn’s refusal to fight for Tyrion, Oberyn Martell championing Tyrion’s cause, what Dany, Daario and Jorah are up to, the return of Hot Pie, Brienne and Pod’s travels, the death machine that is The Mountain, Melisandre and Selyse Baratheon’s conversation about the Lord of Light, and what happens to Arya and The Hound on the road.