Game of Thrones “Breaker of Chains” Review – S4 Ep3 – Pun of Thrones

Here at Flicks And The City, it’s time for the latest episode of our new Game of Thrones show: Pun of Thrones!

Ding dong the King is dead! But don’t worry a new king is coming… Valar Dohaeris!

Check out the video to see me chat about the best bits of Season 4 Episode 3: Breaker of Chains, including who wins the Game of Bones, Pain of Thrones, Dame of Thrones, Insane of Thrones, and Game of Drones. Plus, there’s some Wise Words and Fun Facts of the week too!

Find out my take on Littlefinger’s dealing with Dontos and Sansa, Daenerys & Daario’s kick-ass moment confronting the slavers of Meereen, Arya & The Hound’s latest adventures, the Thenn & Wilding mental moment when they attack the smallfolk, Tywin’s deal with Oberyn Martell to be a judge at Tyrion’s trial in exchange for a meeting with The Mountain, Stannis’ problems with Davos and recruiting an army to assert his claim to the Iron Throne, and what Podrick smuggled into Tyrion’s cell.

Our brilliant Game of Thrones-inspired music is by composer Blair Mowat, & our fab motion graphics are by Robert Dolby.