From Myths To Movies: Mermaids Are The New Stars

Mermaids have always been a welcome source of mythology and folklore. Whether they’re portrayed as a Disney friendly underwater princess or siren like malevolent creatures who trick and feed on unsuspecting sailors these half woman, half fish beauties have always fascinated cultures around the world. Their portrayal in the movie world has also introduced us to the two sides of these stunning human-piscine hybrids. There will soon be Ariana Mermaid slots at Royal Vegas … but which side of these mythical creatures will we be seeing? We thought we’d take a look at three or our favorite mermaid movies.

Splash (1984)

One such classic mermaid tale that most of us have fond memories of is the classic Ron Howard romantic comedy ‘Splash’ which saw Tom Hanks star as Allen Bauer a wholesaler who comes across a mysterious mermaid named Madison, who is played by Daryl Hannah. When on dry land, Madison’s fishy tale turns into human legs and is able to survive on land for 6 days and nights whilst the moon is full. The star-crossed lovers’ relationship is constantly being thwarted by a character called Kornbluth who realises she is a mermaid but they eventually overcome all the odds and end up together, both underwater.

Pirates of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (2011)

The more sinister side of the mermaid mythology was more than present in the 2011 blockbuster ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’. The fourth instalment in the hugely successful pirate franchise saw the return of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa this time coming face to face with a swarm of beautiful yet ruthless mermaid creatures that sing and seduce the pirates to their doom whilst on their journey to uncover the fountain of youth.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Whilst this more shocking and quite surprising depiction isn’t quite what we are used to when we think of mermaids you can always be rest assured that Disney will always manage to add their special sugary touch to the folklore. In their 1989 animated classic ‘The Little Mermaid’, the 16 year old princess Ariel makes a deal with Ursula, a sea witch, in order to help her find a land-based prince. Although it becomes apparent that Ursula’s unscrupulousness is set to make things much harder for the young princess in her search. Peppered with the typical Disney-esque show tunes and filled with plenty of dancing crabs and other underwater cartoonishness ‘The Little Mermaid’ a fun little film and one that will most definitely be enjoyed immensely by the ‘Finding Nemo’ generation.