Expecting DVD Review

What’s It About?: Longing to start a family, Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) and her husband Peter (Jon Dore) have tried several attempts at IVF treatment but without luck. Lizzie’s best friend Andie (Michelle Monaghan) gets pregnant from a one night stand and offers the baby to Lizzie and Peter to adopt. Reluctantly Peter agrees and Andie moves into their guest room during the pregnancy. Into the mix comes Peter’s brother Casey (Michael Weston), fresh out of rehab and having to stay at an already full house. Tensions rise and friendship is tested… can a marriage survive all this chaos?

Verdict: It’s difficult to imagine this film will appeal to most men. It’s very much a film for women by women about the trials and tribulations experienced through pregnancy. None of it is groundbreaking, but it does feel fresh thanks to a couple of very natural performances from Radha Mitchell and Michelle Monaghan. Both play off each other supremely well and when they are in full effect, the film is at its most entertaining. Monaghan’s filthy language is hilarious, whilst Mitchell balances it out with a stern and emotional attitude. You actually feel they have been friends for years. Sadly, both the males feel like by-products in the film. The inability to weave them more poignantly into the plot means the main storyline feels one-sided and very much against the male species. So much more was needed to flesh out these guys, as they play major parts but are left behind.

14304547293_647f7d3348_zThe film itself suffers from never really making it feel like relationships are being tested to the limits. It’s all very quaint in its argumentative scenes and lacks the heartbreaking impact that these issues can cause between couples and friends. Even the metaphor of Peter and Lizzie not being able to take care of a dog is not that involved. It doesn’t grip the dysfunctional drama quite like it should in such an emotional story.

14097809297_fd5fa4016b_zFinal Words: At a run time of less than 90 minutes the movie never outstays its welcome and manages to keep a constant pace throughout. With an enjoyable duo (Monaghan and Mitchell) at the heart the movie works when they are together on screen. Yet ultimately we are left holding out for something more compelling than we are given.

Expecting is released on DVD and VOD in the UK from 30 June 201.