Enough Said’s Nicole Holofcener on James Gandolfini & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

This week, Flicks And The City sat down with writer-director Nicole Holofcener to find out about her latest film, the totally irresistible and superbly funny romantic comedy Enough Said, which opens in UK cinemas on 18 October

Divorced mum and massage therapist Eva (Louis-Dreyfus) faces life on her own as her daughter prepares to leave for college. As the dreaded day approaches, she meets and becomes involved with Albert (Gandolfini), also divorced and about to face an empty nest. Around the same time, Eva befriends new client Marianne (Catherine Keener) whose incessant complaints about her own ex soon have Eva doubting her relationship with Albert.

Check out our video to see Nicole talk about casting James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gandolfini’s trepidation at being a romantic leading man, her fondest memories of filming, the best and worst things about being a writer-director, her encounter with George Lucas on the set of TV’s Gilmore Girls, plus her own bad habits and relationship dealbreakers.

Enough Said is at the London Film Festival on 12-14 & 16 October, & in UK cinemas nationwide on 18 October.