Liberal Arts with Elizabeth Olsen

When Elizabeth Olsen burst on to the big screen last year in Martha Marcy May Marlene, she wowed film critics and audiences alike.

Roles opposite Sigourney Weaver in Red Lights and in the horror movie Silent House followed.

Her latest film, Liberal Arts, sees Olsen play a precocious college student who takes a shine to a charming 30-something graduate (Josh Radnor) when he revisits his alma mater.

Check out the video to hear Elizabeth Olsen chat about her own university experiences, Twilight, making mix-tapes, and filming period drama Therese Raquin and Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy.

Liberal Arts opens in UK cinemas on 5 October. And Silent House is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

  • For my video interview with Josh Radnor, Liberal Arts star-writer-director, click here.

Check out the video to see what Josh Radnor, Liberal Arts star-writer-director, had to say about Twilight and mix tapes, Ohio’s Kenyon College, and his TV character Ted Mosby’s taste in women: