Donnie Yen talks Kung Fu Jungle, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2, Ip Man 3 & Chinese Expendables

Action star Donnie Yen was in London recently for the World Premiere of his latest movie, Kung Fu Jungle, at the London Film Festival.

Kung Fu Jungle sees Yen play Hahou, a former martial arts instructor, imprisoned after accidentally slaying an opponent. When vicious killer Fung (Wang Baoqiang) starts targeting the reigning kung fu masters, Hahou offers to help the police catch him in return for his freedom. Despite her misgivings, the police inspector (Charlie Young) arranges his release, but when Hahou disappears she suspects him of conspiring with the killer.

Check out our video to see Donnie talk about working with director Teddy Chan and co-star Baoqiang Wang again on Kung Fu Jungle, the challenges of making the movie, what makes him most proud about Kung Fu Jungle, what we can expect from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2,  what he thinks about the controversy surrounding the simultaneous premiere of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 on Netflix and in cinemas, what stage he’s at with and Ip Man 3, and whether we’re likely to see him make a Chinese Expendables movie.