Orla Brady on The Time of the Doctor, Matt Smith & Peter Capaldi

What an exciting 50th anniversary year it’s been for Doctor Who fans so far! And there’s more to come with the show’s Christmas Special, The Time Of The Doctor, on 25 December.

Yes, Whovians around the world will be tuning in on Christmas Day to bid a fond farewell to current Doctor, Matt Smith, and welcome in the era of Peter Capaldi.

Flicks And The City were lucky enough to sit down for a chat with brilliant actress Orla Brady (Fringe, Mistresses) who stars as ‘galactic nun’ and friend of the Doctor, Tasha Lem, in The Time Of The Doctor.

Check out our video to see Orla talk about playing the Mother Superius of the Papal Mainframe, working with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, her favourite scene in the Christmas Special, why the Daleks are still so scary, the Christmas Special’s other villains including the Weeping Angels, the Silents and the Cybermen, her scenes with the Silents, getting up to speed with the mythology of Doctor Who, Tasha Lem’s Blade Runner-style look, why she’d love a spin-off for Tasha, swapping Doctor Who notes with fellow Mistresses star Sarah Parish who played the Empress of the Racnoss, the magic of the Tardis, Matt Smith’s farewell and welcoming the new Doctor, why Peter Capaldi will be a wonderful Doctor, regeneration, and working with Capaldi on The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special.

The Time Of The Doctor will air on BBC One, BBC America and Canada’s Space on Christmas Day, and on Australia’s ABC1 on Boxing Day.