Creepshow Blu-Ray Review

When it comes to horror movie legends there are a few names that come to mind. One of those, of course, is George A Romero. The filmmaker behind the zombie masterpiece Dawn Of The Dead also directed a horror anthology released in November 1982 that made over $20 million in the USA. It was a sleeper hit based on the horror magazines and comic books of the 50s that Romero himself used to read at night when he was a kid.

CreepshowWhat’s it about? The film contains six tales of terror, held together with 50s-style comic images. The first deals with a demented old man returning from the grave. The second is  about a not-too-bright farmer discovering a meteor with life within. In the third, a vengeful husband buries people up to their necks on the beach. The fourth is about a creature that resides in a crate under the steps of a college. In the fifth, a man is besieged by cockroaches; and finally there is the story that put the whole thing into motion: a kid reading pulp horror magazines.

The cast includes big names such as Ed Harris, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson and Hal Holbrook, with cameos by screenwriter and novelist Stephen King, his own son and also Tom Savini. Most of the way-over-the-top performances were directed by Romero to create a cartoonish feeling that would match the pulp-visual style.

To help the filmmaker achieve his vision, Director of Photography Michael Gornick used every photographic trick available to make it feel like a classic comic book. For instance, the use of a red light that fills the screen with every kill. The colours in the art design match perfectly with the comic-book style, and Romero and the editors used split-screen techniques to simulate the comic vignettes and create this festival of pure 80s terror. For some viewers, Creepshow might feel a bit old-fashioned, while others will find these terror fables simply adorable.Creepshow_

Extras: Expect some outstanding special features on this Blu-ray including audio commentary from director George A Romero and special effects make-up artist Tom Savini, commentary from Director of Photography Michael Gornick, actor John Amplas, property master Bruce Alan Miller and make-up effects assistant Darryl Ferrucci. There’s a in-depth documentary with cast and crew called “Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow”, half an hour behind-the-scenes with Tom Savini, and the usual trailers, TV spots, stills galleries and deleted scenes.

Verdict: A cult classic that, more than 30 years later, still entertains horror fans with its visual comic style and the art of a master like George A Romero.

Rating: 4 / 5      

Creepshow is out on Blu-ray now!