Cockneys vs Zombies at FrightFest

And we’re off! Yes, FrightFest the 13th is under way, so you can look forward to a whole lotta horror at Flicks and the City in the coming days.

To get the panic party started, it’s Cockneys vs Zombies, a superbly entertaining horror comedy which very cleverly does exactly what it says on the tin.

To give you a bit more detail: some young Cockneys (Harry Treadaway, Rasmus Hardiker, Michelle Ryan, & Ashley Thomas) rob a bank to save their grandad Alan Ford‘s retirement home from closure.

But outrunning the police is the least of their problems. Yes, you guessed it: zombies! Arghhh!

I caught up with the cast, writer, and director at the film’s premiere at The Empire, Leicester Square. Here’s what happened…

Harry Treadaway chats about breaking fingers, surviving a zombie attack, and filming The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp:

Michelle Ryan talks about kicking ass, double-decker buses, and starring as Sally Bowles in West End musical Cabaret:

Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas chats about balancing music and acting careers, working with Will Smith, and psyching himself up to play ‘Mental Mickey’ in Cockneys vs Zombies:

Rasmus Hardiker, Harry Treadaway’s on-screen brother, chats about doing an East End accent, a Cockneys vs Zombies sequel, and voice-acting for Glee-style Disney cartoon Groove High:

Alan Ford talks about his favourite way to kill a zombie, supporting British film, and his next movie The Sweeney:

Writer James Moran chats about musical playlists for Cockneys vs Zombies, plans to fight off a zombie attack, and zombie football fans:

Director Matthias Hoene talks about zombie kill lists, Chas & Dave, and his declaration of love to the East End:

Producers James Harris & Mark Lane chat about their favourite horror films and getting the balance right in a horror comedy:

Cockneys vs Zombies is in UK cinemas on 31 August.

FrightFest runs from 23 to 27 August. For more details, click here.