Cliff Curtis talks The Dark Horse & The Walking Dead Spin-Off

This week, Flicks And The City sat down with actor Cliff Curtis (Sunshine, Whale Rider) to talk about his new film, The Dark Horse.

An inspiring true story, The Dark Horse is based on the life of New Zealand chess champ, Genesis Potini, who struggled with bipolar disorder.

After he’s released from a mental institution into the home of his estranged, gang-member brother, Gen starts coaching at a local chess club for at-risk youth.

Watching the effect this has on Gen’s own life, the lives of the kids he coaches, and the life of his nephew, Mana (James Rolleston), makes for an incredibly emotional movie.

Watch our video to see Cliff chat about how he brought Genesis Potini to life on the big screen; why this was the most intimidating role he’s ever played; and how Gen’s line in the film, “Burn the school down”, applies to Cliff’s performance in The Dark Horse.

Cliff also tells us about what we can expect in the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off and what it was like filming the pilot.

**Do not miss The Dark Horse when it opens in UK cinemas on 3 April 2015.