Chasing Ice with Jeff Orlowski

There was a time when acclaimed photographer James Balog was a skeptic about climate change.

But after setting up dozens of time-lapse cameras to capture changes in glaciers over a number of years, Balog is a skeptic no more.

Chasing Ice, out in the UK on 14 December, follows Balog on his Arctic journey of discovery.

With years of video footage compressed into seconds, Chasing Ice captures ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at an astounding pace.

I spoke to Chasing Ice director Jeff Orlowski at the Sundance London Film & Music Festival earlier this year.

Check out the video to see Orlowski talk about the challenges of filming in Alaska, working with photographer James Balog, and witnessing the largest documented glacier calving:

Chasing Ice is in UK cinemas on 14 December.