Brenock O’Connor talks Olly, Jon Snow, Wildlings, Nods, & More!

Game Of Thrones star Brenock O’Connor, who plays Jon Snow’s steward, Olly, was at Collectormania in Milton Keynes today to meet fans of the hit HBO show.

Flicks And The City had the chance to talk all things Thrones with the young actor whose role in the show has expanded over the course of Season 5.

Check out our video to see Brenock chat about sword-training with Jon Snow, filming Mance Rayder’s fiery death scene, Janos Slynt’s beheading, Olly’s reaction when Jon returns from Hardhome, Jon’s brotherly relationship with Olly, how Olly would cope with a White Walker, shooting Ygritte, Olly’s nod to Jon Snow, filming with the Thenns in Season 4, how excited he is for everyone to see the Season 5 Finale, what he thinks about Season 5 leaks, why he’d like to see Benjen Stark return as a wight, and whether he thinks Jon would be capable of killing someone close to him.

Brenock also talks about how he’d like Olly to die, what he’s learned from working with John Bradley, what Olly took on board from Samwell Tarly’s words about Jon Snow making difficult decisions, whether we’ll see Olly return in Season 6 and what he’d like Olly to do, Bran’s warging abilities and whether they’re shared by his siblings, what it’s like being Jon Snow’s steward, what kind of Lord Commander Jon is, and what songs he’d like to see in a Game Of Thrones Musical!

And he also tells us about his YouTube channel where he plays and sings covers of songs as well as performing original tunes he’s written.

Plus, Brenock lets us know about a new BBC TV series he’s filming, a mash-up of various storylines from Charles Dickens’ novels.

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