Booked Out with Bryan O’Neil, Mirren Burke, Claire Garvey, & Rollo Weeks

Stepping up from short films to make your first feature is no easy task.

But imagine you’d never made a short, or a music video or a commercial for that matter, and instead dived straight into shooting a feature.

That’s exactly what computer programmer Bryan O’Neil did when he wrote and directed Booked Out, a charming and gently comedic film about four people living in a block of flats.

And Bryan’s movie mission didn’t end when his film was in the can.

He also looked after its theatrical distribution as well as the online and DVD release, plus all the marketing and social media. Phew!

One of the cinemas where the film’s played during its UK tour is the Art Deco-style Phoenix in London.

I hosted a Q&A with Bryan and his cast that night after the screening.

And before the film kicked off, Bryan and actors Mirren Burke, Claire Garvey, and Rollo Weeks also had a chat on camera.

Check out the videos to see Bryan talk about creating three-dimensional female characters and the influence of American indies.

And scroll down the page to watch video interviews with the cast.

Mirren reveals she went method to get under the skin of her character, Ailidh.

Claire talks about the challenges of keeping quiet on set.

Rollo chats about his first lead role as an adult and why he may have to add acting in French to his CV.