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It’s strange to think that actually more people may know David Boreanaz for Bones now rather than his beloved role as Angel in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. He has certainly proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there can be life beyond a major role and you don’t have to be typecast if you appear in a genre show. As Seeley Booth he still has a heroic quality but without the dark and broody nature he brought to the aforementioned vampire with a soul. Alongside Emily Deschanel (who plays Temperance Brennan), Boreanaz gets a chance to shine at both comedy and drama, a combination that has resulted in Bones entering its tenth season this month. Here we have the ninth season on home release, and the main question is can the show maintain such a high standard after so many years?

What’s It About? For those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, it’s one of many crime procedurals on TV but has survived due to an expert mix of gripping drama and light-hearted moments. It’s a very unique show in balancing different tones so well, and as such becomes far more relatable to the audience. As always, the Booth/Brennan relationship is at the forefront, as complicated and confusing as ever. Nothing is ever simple when Brennan is involved, a woman so incredible at her job yet who struggles so often with personal relationships. There are a lot of stand-alone episodes but also a hangover from the last couple of seasons with Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) as a fugitive that framed Brennan and the resolution to that story arc.

Verdict: Season 9 retains all the charm that you would expect from Bones. Everyone is so settled into their roles that everything feels natural and there’s a real family feeling to the Jeffersonian team. The show itself hardly pushes the envelope for crime dramas but still manages to be interesting enough from one episode to the next, with some truly intriguing cases. The writers manage to find new ways of putting a spin on a tired old format – something that many shows fail to do – and they know the heart of the show is in the characters. There are enough recurring characters and new ones this season to give it both a familiar and fresh feel. Is it up there with the best? That’s down to personal opinion, but it’s hard to argue against it continuing.

Extras: Alongside the 24 episodes, the DVD serves up deleted scenes, a segment on a wedding, commentary, Comic Con coverage and a gag reel.

Final Words: It’s around this stage in a show’s lifetime that you start to wonder when it’ll begin to wrap up. You like to think it’d get enough notice from a network to end it properly, even just out of loyalty to the fans for sticking with it for so many years. Bones is certainly getting to the point where the main relationship has gone as far as it can go, and most of what fans want to see has happened. That’s no bad thing – it’s exactly what should happen with a show like Bones, but all good things must come to an end eventually and hopefully season 10 or 11 will bring that. Bones deserves to go out on a high, and luckily it’s still right up there.

Bones Season 9 is out on DVD on 15th September from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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