Berlin Film Festival: Taika Waititi Interview – What We Do In The Shadows

Over the last couple of years, the vampire genre has been revived again and again – in film, TV and literature. From the dark True Blood to romance-driven Vampire Diaries, from Stephanie Meyer’s teen franchise Twilight to Jim Jarmusch’s arty Only Lovers Left Alive, vampire stories are still booming and the creatures of the night are once again taken seriously by viewers.

Not so in Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s vampire mockumentary. The format suits the creative minds behind The Flight Of The Concords and in What We Do In The Shadows they’ve managed to create a brilliantly ridiculous image of a a modern-day vampire.

Vampires are always mysterious and cool, right? Not so much. These vampires – all from different eras – are denied access to nightclubs and even have trouble getting dressed as they can’t see their reflection in the mirror. On top of that, they have their hands full just trying to keep up with technology and everyday life in an ever-changing world.

For the premiere of What We Do In The Shadows at the Berlin Film Festival, the cast and crew flew all the way over from New Zealand. Besides having a blast at their premiere, multi-talented director, writer and actor Taika Waititi also took time to talk to Flicks And The City about his idea of a modern-day vampire, why he wanted to tell such a story, and why the timing of his new movie was fortunate and unfortunate all at once.