Berberian Sound Studio at FrightFest

When a mild-mannered British sound engineer, more used to making local nature documentaries than horror films, ends up working on a giallo in 1970s Italy, he starts to lose his grip on reality.

Toby Jones plays Gilderoy, the man tasked with mixing screams and the sounds of hacked vegetables into a horror film.

Berberian Sound Studio’s writer-director Peter Strickland and cast were at London’s horror and fantasy festival FrightFest for a preview screening of their film. And this is what they had to say…

Peter Strickland talks about soundtracks, screams, and shooting an Italian horror in East London:

Actress Tonia Sotiropoulou chats about working with director Peter Strickland and actor Toby Jones:

Actress Susanna Cappellaro chats about screaming, flying, and Method acting:

Plus, Tonia Sotiropoulou talks about her latest role as a Bond Girl in the new James Bond movie, Skyfall: