5 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

The brand new trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For landed last week and it has made us even more excited for the upcoming sequel to the 2005 thriller Sin City!

The second of Frank Miller’s neo-noir Sin City comic book series, A Dame To Kill For, returns to the miserable town of Basin City with the all-star cast set to become embroiled in even more conflict and corruption than the first installment!

Here are five reasons why we’re so excited for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

No longer just ‘that kid from Third Rock From The Sun’, it seems like everything Gordon-Levitt touches turns to gold with a proven versatility and talent when it comes to acting. Playing the mysterious and cocky Johnny, who is hellbent on taking down the biggest villain in Sin City, Gordon-Levitt will no doubt bring his usual charm and charisma to the film in a role that seems unlike any other that he has taken on before.

2. The star-studded cast

Lady-Gaga-as-La-Chameleon-in-Machete-KillsAlongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt there are more famous faces than you can shake a stick at; from Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke to an appearance from none other than Queen of pop Lady Gaga!

3. The visuals

Sin City is renowned for its quirky visuals with the unique colour processing leaving most of it black and white albeit a few splashes of colour on select objects. This visual shaping is set to continue in the sequel which, alongside the show-stopping  3D effects, is sure to make it one of the most stunning and one-of-a-kind films to watch this year.

4. Ava Lord

eva-green-heads-up-new-batch-of-images-from-sin-city-a-dame-to-kill-for-159760-a-1396248657-470-75Yes, Ava Lord is the name of the ‘dame’ mentioned in this installment’s title and played by the sultry Eva Green she is sure to become one of the greatest femme fatales of the big screen. A character who manipulates men with her good looks and expert lies, Ava will be bringing lots of twists and turns to the story as she acts as a foil to ex-lover Dwight’s antihero persona.

5. The interlocking stories

We all love a film that cleverly combines multiple storylines with varied characters and just like it’s predecessor, A Dame To Kill For follows another four subplots that will most likely all come together in the cleverest way possible.

The A-List cast, fascinating new characters, brilliant storytelling, and quirky visuals all leave one thing for sure: A Dame To Kill For is going to be incredible!

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is in UK cinemas from 25 August 2014!