5 Reasons To Watch Wicked Blood

Wicked Blood stars Abigail Breslin as Hannah, a recently orphaned teenager who lives with her hostile sister and drug-addict uncle Donny (Lew Temple). The family are trapped in the Southern underworld of drugs, gangs and violence and live in fear of their uncle Frank (Sean Bean), the leader of a powerful crime organisation. When Hannah realises just how dangerous uncle Frank and his psychotic younger brother are, she devises a cunning plan in order to get revenge.

So, why should you join Hannah and co in the gangster underworld of Wicked Blood?

920834_003 1. Abigail Breslin
Little Miss Sunshine has well and truly grown up as she channels her incredible acting skills into the feisty and gritty character of Hannah. There is something very honest about Breslin that makes all of her performances seem effortless and her characters instantly relatable, and the same is true of Hannah who seems like any teenage girl you’d see walking down the street.

2. Did we mention how amazing the cast is?
While it’s Breslin who leads the way as Wicked Blood’s protagonist, there isn’t a weak link in the entire cast with them all bringing edge and believability to their respective characters. Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Jake Busey (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) are suitably intimidating as the bad guys, and Lew Temple (The Walking Dead) balances their badness out brilliantly as good guy uncle Donny, who you can’t help but love from the get-go. All in all there is just a great mix of characters, bad and good, who gel together to make a well-rounded and enjoyable film.

3. Chess
A running theme throughout Wicked Blood is Hannah’s love of chess, with impressive and poetic metaphors relating the film’s narrative to a chess game, which breaks the story into bite-sized chapters. Who knew that a game of chess had so much in common with bringing down the tough-nut gangster in your family? It really is a clever and original addition to the story, which provides a deeper insight into Hannah’s mind and gives the audience insight into where she gets the inspiration for her tactics.

Wicked-Blood-alexa-vega-35700440-500-2804. Surprise!
One thing is for sure, Wicked Blood will keep you guessing right to the very end as there are just the right amount of twists and curve balls to keep your attention without going over the top. At no point does the story become predictable as there’s tension, risk and high-emotion from the very beginning – exciting!

5. Girl Power!
Basically, Hannah kicks ass. A teenage girl she may be, but she’s the hero of the film and takes the initiative to try to piece her family back together with her own clever plans and all her own legwork. She doesn’t get help from a trusty friend, nor does she have a strong role model in her life to lead the way, she’s completely on her own and is the only one brave enough to take on the various grown-up men in her life in a bid to escape from the iron fist destroying her family. Praise where it’s due, you would not want to find yourself in her bad books – you go girl!

Wicked Blood is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD on Amazon.