5 Reasons To Watch Maleficent

When it was announced that Angelina Jolie was to take on the role of one of the most infamous Disney villains in history, Maleficent quickly became the most hotly-anticipated film of 2014.

Back in May we were all transported into the magical world of Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) and Maleficent (Jolie) as audiences across the globe were educated in exactly what it was that made this villainous queen so cruel.

Disney exceeded itself in this enchanting tale that will delight both the grown ups and children in the audience in equal measures. Visually stunning to watch, Maleficent transports you into a fairytale realm and Jolie’s heartfelt and alluring performance will captivate you from start to finish.

And today Maleficent is out on DVD, meaning that you are now able to visit the charming fairy tale with a difference time and time again.

But if you still need convincing then here are FIVE reasons why you should get your hands on a copy of Maleficent pronto:

1. It’s Stunning

rs_1024x759-131113070213-1024-1-MaleficentMaleficent is one of the most visually beautiful films that you will see. The magical kingdom has everything from cutesy woodland creatures to terrifying other-worldly creations and every scene has more to marvel and gawp at than the last. The film is truly pleasurable to watch from start to finish, and this element makes even the most hard-hearted adult feel like a child again as they get transported into a world where anything is possible

2. The 3D

The film will be just as stunning in ordinary 2D, but if you are lucky enough to have a 3D TV then prepare for Maleficent’s world to well and truly come to life. From fluttering fairies to the title character’s magical powers, to zooming through the sky as she flies – these effects only increase the visual joy you get from watching the film.

3. Angelina Jolie

MALEFICENTJolie is striking as the lead role in both appearance and performance, with beautifully constructed character development told in an elegant and sensitive fashion. Maleficent is a complex character yet Jolie expertly portrays everything from her childlike innocence, to her heartbroken despair, to her bitter vengeance. As a result Maleficent becomes a very human character that the audience can relate to rather than a simple, fantastical fairy that serves only as a source of evil.

Despite possessing magical powers, Maleficent is able to capture the audience’s heart and empathy because of how similar she is to everyday people. Her broad range of emotions makes her a sympathetic character – something you never thought you could feel for a good, old-fashioned, Disney villain.

4. The Story

Billed as ‘the true story of Maleficent’, if there was ever evidence of there being two sides to every story then this is definitely it. It would have been easy, albeit lazy, for Disney to go down the traditional villain route, providing no emotional or sympathetic layers to the title character. However, what we actually get is a refreshing change to the usual ‘baddies’, and a complex insight into a character that actually doesn’t turn out to be a villain after all.

Although Maleficent undeniably acts maliciously and is full of hatred and anger, there is just reason for her bitterness, and through all of her hatred and pain her softer side is never too far away and it becomes obvious to all that she’s not a bad person deep down. Maleficent’s character manages to avoid clichés and instead becomes a modern-day Disney embodiment of a strong, powerful female character.

5. The Supporting Cast

Although Angelina Jolie is the ultimate star of the show, the supporting cast are what helps to make her shine. Elle Fanning brings charm and Aurora-and-Phillip-maleficent-2014-37162397-1071-603grace to Aurora, a character who is normally quite two-dimensional. Throughout the film your eyes will never wander from the evil queen for long but when they reach the princess she is just as beautiful to watch.

Sam Riley also shines as Diaval, Maleficent’s one loyal servant, a welcome character that provides a deeper look into the mind of his master and also supports and comforts our heroine as the humans put her under siege.

Maleficent Is Out On Blu-ray and DVD today.

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