5 Reasons To See The Bodyguard Musical

As British soul sensation Beverley Knight takes on the role made famous by Whitney Houston, we reveal how The Bodyguard musical has managed to capture the magic of one of the biggest grossing films in history.

The Bodyguard introduces us to the world of international superstar Rachel Marron, who is forced to take on protection from stern bodyguard Frank Farmer after receiving strange, threatening letters from a crazed fan. As the threat on her life continues to grow, the pair soon find themselves falling for each other.Beverley Knight (Rachel Marron) in The Bodyguard at The Adelphi Theatre Whether you’re a fan of the original film or have never seen it, here’s why you should go and watch the show:

1. Beverley Knight

Singer-songwriter Beverley Knight delivers a performance that proves she really is a triple threat. The role of Rachel Marron isn’t the easiest for a first time actress but Beverley gives her all in every aspect of the show. She channels the emotion into every scene and is just as captivating delivering her lines as when she sings. And as you might expect, her vocals are ridiculously good. It’s not everyday you’ll hear someone sing I Will Always Love You as well as Houston did.

2. The incredible set

The staging is second to none with huge screens that instantly give the production a cinematic feel. The large rolling sets create each scene with flawless transitions and allowed the story to flow without any disruptions.

Beverley Knight (Rachel Marron) and Tristan Gemmill (Frank Farmer)3. It’s been given a little update

Obviously things have changed a lot since 1992 so little modernisations have been added to great effect. For example, we’re introduced to Rachel Marron by the instantly recognisable X Factor voiceover. In other scenes, we see fans are recording Rachel on smartphones and even taking hilarious selfies when she hits the stage. The attention to detail is particularly evident in the Oscars scene, which felt almost like a broadcast of the real thing.

4. Fabulous cast

Debbie Kurup received rapturous applause for her touching turn as the jealous older sister, Nicki Marron, while young Michael Matias was a scene stealer as Rachel’s son, Fletcher. Casualty star Tristan Gemmill is perfectly cast as Rachel’s brooding bodyguard, Frank Farmer.

Beverley Knight (Rachel Marron) and ensemble in The Bodyguard 25. It’s all one big party

Even with the impressive singing, amazing sets and thrilling storyline, the best part of the show might be that it ends in a big sing-along. The cast and audience dance around while Beverley sings Houston’s hit, I Wanna Dance With Somebody. It felt like the perfect way to end the show and celebrate the late singer.

Rating: 5 / 5      

The Bodyguard musical is playing at the Adelphi Theatre now until 31 May 2014. Tickets can be booked at www.thebodyguardmusical.com

Photos courtesy of Paul Coltas.