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5 Reasons To Check Out The BFI Player

The British Film Institute launched their own on-demand service in 2013 and it’s fast become a great way to watch and enjoy films that have received support from the BFI.

With a mixture of archive and newly released films at your disposal, here are the five reasons you should check out the BFI player this month.

Nymphomaniac1. You can watch films like Nymphomaniac from the comfort of your own home

For those of you eager to see if Nymphomaniac is truly deserving of its notoriety but can’t quite face the embarrassment of buying a ticket and watching it in the company of strangers, the BFI player is just what you need. Curious cinephiles can see both Volume I and II from the comfort of your home and decide what you make of it!

2. Lots of free content

From free films like Things We Leave Behind to making-of footage and interview clips, there’s loads of free content to browse through and enjoy.

3. You don’t need a monthly subscription

You only need to register to get access to the hundreds of films and content any time you want. Once you’re in, you only pay for what you watch and with the 60/40 content split in favour of more free material, it’s a great way to catch up with everything from new cinema releases to classics from the BFI National Archive.

4. It’s cheaper than heading to the cinema

Films are priced at £2.50 for SD rental and up to £3.50 if you want to treat yourself to HD. Some films are available on the BFI player on the same day as they’re released on the big screen and are priced at £9.99. Short films are only £1. So, you can get your film fix for less when you’re waiting for the next payday.

5. You can access home-grown films from all over the UK

With the BFI Player available to stream from your computer, iPad, tablet or phone, it’s easier than ever to appreciate and support the best of British talent without missing out because it’s not available in your local cinema.

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