5 Modern Ways to Watch Films and TV

In this modern era we live in, you’re never far away from a new amazing, life-changing piece of technology. Rewind ten years and try and remember what life was like. The digital age was looming but it was nowhere near what we have now. There was no such thing as an iPhone, tablets were still something that your doctor prescribed and flat screen TVs were available exclusively to the rich and famous. Businessmen owned mobile phones, children didn’t, and we lived in an age that people weren’t tweeting, updating statuses, Snap Chatting and Instagramming their lives to one another in real time. There was no Netflix, pirating movies and music was not the norm, and local video/DVD rental shops were still doing great business. You would sit in front of the TV in your living rooms to watch TV or movies and you would have to make a trip to the local cinema to catch the latest movie releases.

How times have changed. Nowadays you can watch films and TV while you’re on the bus, while you’re off camping somewhere or pretty much anywhere you want. Mobile technology has given us this capability, and we have taken to it in a big way. Here are 5 modern ways to watch films and TV:

Mobile Phones

The advent of smart mobile phones brought about the capability of watching TV and films right there on that little device in your pocket. By installing an app, you can access TV shows from your phone as they are aired.


Netflix is a fantastic tool that homes all over the world are getting to grips with. You can stream movies, TV shows, YouTube videos through your home TV by simply acquiring a streaming Internet player such as Roku.

Modern TVs

In this day and age, TV sizes seem to be growing by the day and what’s more they are becoming more and more affordable. 3D TVs are a standard option for families, and Smart TVs are growing in popularity all the time. Curved screens, massive sizes and ever improving picture quality makes modern day TV watching an absolute delight. Once you have your chosen TV and you want to maximise your viewing possibilities, it is well worth looking into the options that Virgin Media have to offer.


Just like mobile phones, tablets can be used to watch movies and films. With their larger screen size and incredible mobility, they are a great modern option for watching TV and films on the go. Stream or upload the files to your device and the choice is yours when it comes to tablet viewing.


Watching movies and TV shows is a dream on laptops. Laptop battery life is extending all the time, screen resolutions are getting better and the machines themselves are progressively lighter. Ultrabooks are all the rage nowadays and are incredibly portable, sleek, high performance machines. When you consider the availability of screens such as Apple’s retina display on their MacBook Pro series, you have previously unimaginable picture quality for all your watching needs.