5 Film Characters That Pushed Boundaries

Kill Your Darlings focuses on how a murder in 1944 drew together the great poets of the Beat Generation. With the film released on DVD released on April 21, we look at five film characters that pushed boundaries and broke the rules.

Borat – Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)

Sasha Baron Cohen may struggle to push boundaries better than he did with the fictitious Kazakh journalist. As he travelled through America recording outrageous real-life interactions with unsuspecting US citizens, audiences around the world couldn’t get over the hijinks before their eyes. Some cast members sued the film creators, it was banned in all Arab countries expect Lebanon, and the Russian government didn’t like it much either!

Hit-Girl – Kick-Ass (2010)

Has any female character broken the rules of what little girls in film should be like more than Hit-Girl? Swearing, punching and kicking her way into our lives, Chloe Moretz rose to fame as the brilliant costumed superhero. The young vigilante was trained by her father to be one of the most bad-ass assassins ever and we can all agree he did a mighty fine job.

Jimmy Smith – 8 Mile (2002)

As a young white rapper, Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ was battling to make it in a music genre dominated by African Americans. But as viewers followed his struggle to launch his career in Detroit, we saw him battle his way to success against the odds. Based on Eminem’s own life, the film was a huge success and cemented the rapper’s status in rap star history books.

Princess Fiona – Shrek (2001)

After being locked away in a tower pining for her Prince Charming, Princess Fiona broke all the conventional fairytale rules by not being the typical damsel in distress. Following her rescue by a grumpy ogre, she kicked butt in style, managed to survive in the wild with strangers and, when it came down to it, was willing to become an ogre permanently because true love shouldn’t be based on appearances.

Allen Ginsberg – Kill Your Darlings (2013)

As one of the three early members of the Beat Generation, Allen Ginsberg pushed boundaries in a way that shaped the world forever. Along with fellow pioneers Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, Ginsberg wrote works that challenged society’s norms. And in Kill Your Darlings, we see how even the way they met was far from normal.

Kill Your Darlings is out on DVD from April 21 2014.